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Category: Decorative flowering

25 Jul : 09:51

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gynura.jpgOrigin: Eastern Africa, Madagascar, East and South Asia
Family: Apiaceae - Compositae
inurata is a fast growing grass. The leaves and stems and are covered with purple hairs. Spring blooms with small, resembling dandelion petals. They must be removed, yet at the stage of buds because they smell bad. From time to time must squeeze stems to diverge.
The plant is not capricious. Suitable place is east or west window. Looks good in hanging baskets. The fresh air is reflected well. It is appropriate for hidrokultura.
Stems and leaves of ginurata are tightly covered with short hairs yarkolilavi. Tsavti with yellow flowers that emit an unpleasant odor, so that flower buds are cut off before they blossom.

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gynura aurantiaca   compositae   
Category: Decorative flowering

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gynura aurantiaca   compositae   

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