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Gloxinia (Sinningia)

Category: Bulbs and tubers

25 Jul : 10:33

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Gloxinia come from warm, humid forests of Brazil, which account for its cultivation, although there are cultivated varieties that are more easygoing. To enjoy your whole summer with their beautiful colors, you must deploy the world, but not illuminated by strong sunlight location. Best of east window can be grown outdoors. The optimum temperature is 18-24 degrees. At temperatures below 10 degrees leaves and flowers it will pocherneyat, where more than 27 degrees will bloom in a short time.

Gloxinia homeland of Brazil and was first described by botanists at the end of 1700. The flower is named after Benjamin Peter gloxinia - German writer, botanist. In 1825 and was carried preklasifitsikatsiya gloxinia was placed in the genus bruising (Sinningia). The genus was named the chief horticulturist at the University of Bonn - William sinningias. This genus includes a wide variety of plants, which represent a real treasure for connoisseurs. Species vary in size - from tiny S. Pulsilla, which can fit in a thimble to the giant S. Macropoda, which can reach the meter. Modern types are very different from the original plants found in the jungles of Brazil.
Colors of gloxinia look up rather than hang down and are very diverse in size and shape. Work in today's hybrids is aimed at producing more compact plants. New cultivars Sinningia x hybrida are compact and their time is growing shorter blooming earlier, and the colors are smaller than those of cultivated S. Speciosa.

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Category: Bulbs and tubers

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