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Coffea Arabica

Category: Trees and shrubs

28 Jul : 10:42

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coffea_arabica.jpgForever decorative coffee is like one of the many potted plants from the nurses. Maybe because I was home for exotic latitudes. It is growing at an average difficulty, which adds another plus. But I have some specific moments and that's good to know in advance, no unpleasant surprises.

Family Coffea. Coffee originated in Africa and Asia. Blooms in August-September. The plant has large, dark green, glossy leaves. In the summer bloom white, star flowers that smell like Jasmine. They are formed green plodcheta like cherry, which are prey, they become blestyashtocherveni. Any plodche contains two coffee beans. They should be planted soon, because of their ability for germination is limited.

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rich humus soil   lime slurry   beautiful blooms   liquid fertilizer   summer bloom   
Category: Trees and shrubs

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rich humus soil   lime slurry   beautiful blooms   liquid fertilizer   summer bloom   

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