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30 Jul : 10:36

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eucalyptus-lacrimans-FL-700.jpg eucalyptusErythrocorys2.jpg Eucalyptus_ficifolia100_4801.JPG Eucalyptus_globulus_flowers_leaves.jpg Eucalyptus_kingsmillii100_4830.jpg

eucalyptus_kingsmillii100_4830.jpgThere are about 500 species, mainly in Australia and New Guinea. Eucalyptus (Eucalyptuse) is a genus of evergreen trees and shrubs of the family mirtovi. Some with a height of 100 m. Grown in tropical and subtropical areas. Branches and leaves contain essential oils found application in medicine and perfumery.

Eucalyptus trees are found in other places where they were imported at the time, such as California, SASht.Stabloto of eucalyptus is smooth and colored in green and white mixed. Young leaves are gray-green, covered with light fuzz. The shape is rounded and slightly elongated in diameter increased from 2 to 5 cm Older leaves change color to greenish and increase its diameter to 10 cm

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evergreen trees and shrubs   greenhouse cultivation   nasal mucosa   250 cm3   trees and shrubs   
Category: Trees and shrubs

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evergreen trees and shrubs   greenhouse cultivation   nasal mucosa   250 cm3   trees and shrubs   

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