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08 Nov : 11:24

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saintpaulia.jpgSenpoliyata (Saintpaulia), also known as African violet, is a genus of herbaceous plants of family Gesnerievi from the mountains of Tanzania. The plant is named after its discoverer, Baron von Saint-Paul, who first classified it in 1892 Today it is very popular ROOM plant that blooms all year round - usually for 2-3 months, followed by 20-30 days rest after which when properly breeding cycle is repeated. Colors range from white through pink and purple to blue and violet. The leaves are downy and not bear to be sprayed since then are covered with brown spots and decay. The optimum temperature is around 20 ° C for polusenchesto place. Propagated by leaf cuttings immersed in water or placed in the soil. Root slowly. Another way of propagation by seed is planted in the spring.

Some species:
Saintpaulia inconspicua
Saintpaulia goetzeana
Saintpaulia ionantha
Saintpaulia pusilla
Saintpaulia shumensis
Saintpaulia teitensis

In 1892, Baron Walter von Saint Paul, governor in the mountainous regions of Eastern Africa, found a new plant with downy leaves and lovely violet flowers, which is very similar to violets. Seeds sent by him to his father, Ulrich von Saint Paul, an amateur florist, one of the most famous collectors of orchids in Germany, and he in turn gave them part of the director of the Royal Botanic Gardens. New plants named in honor of father and son, Saint Paul Saintpaulia ionantha (Saintpaulia). The species name ionanta - temenuzhenotsvetna been granted because the similarity of its colors with colors of violets.

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