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Stevia rebaudiana

Category: Perennial herbaceous plants

07 Nov : 18:00

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020629Stevia.jpg Stevia.jpg stevia01.jpg stevia1.jpg Stevia_and_chestnut.jpg stevia_serrata.jpg
stevia1.jpgIn ancient times, when people still did not know sugar, but America was not discovered by Columbus, the Indians of the Guarani tribe used an amazing grass. It was enough water in the container to add a few pieces of paper from her and she became unusually sweet. The Indians called this herb "KAA - exe" which means "sweet grass" or "honey leaf". Haychnoto name of this amazing plant is Stevia rebuadiana. Steva is the motherland of South America. Grow in a temperate humid subtropical climate in Paraguay, Brazil and Argentina.

Indians jealously guarded secret of the sweet grass, so far in 1887 it became known to the outside world through South America scholar Antonio Bertone.

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