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Citrus limon

Category: Exotic fruits and vegetables

17 Aug : 11:37

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citrus-limon1.jpgLemon belongs to the citrus fruit plants, which belong more to the orange, tangerine and others. These plants form buds, flowers and fruits throughout the year, but their leaves are evergreen, although to be changed in about three years. Therefore, often a lemon tree can be seen both colors, green and ripe fruit. Lemon blossom of snow-white are very pretty and have a strong odor. Lemon fruit does resemble the fruits of other fruit trees are grown in our country. If stripped of its bark, you will notice that the fruit is divided into shares. Each partition is composed of vretenoobrazni bags filled with fragrant and refreshing juice.

Lemon (Citrus × limon) is a hybrid citrus tree with a height of 5-10 m. Home of the lemon are India and Indochina, the country where it is always warm. Lemon can not live in the cold in Bulgaria is grown in pots and tubs, which are exported out only during the warmer months and are harvested when zastudee.

The colors are nezhnobeli of lemon and fragrant. Grow in abundance, but only few of them tethered fruit.

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european sailors   disease bacteria   refreshing juice   fruit plants   fruits and vegetables   
Category: Exotic fruits and vegetables

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european sailors   disease bacteria   refreshing juice   fruit plants   fruits and vegetables   

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