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Category: Perennial herbaceous plants

11 Jul : 14:55

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Herbaceous annual plant Astra or Callistephus chinensis is known more as an asteroid, and daisy. Bush was the form of a pyramid, and branched kolonovidna. Blooms late summer - September and October. The colors are pink, red, white, yellow and purple.
Annual Astry our nation is called asteroid, perhaps because they bloom most abundantly in early September, when it celebrates Nativity of the Virgin and mothers of young children go to church for blessing with these gorgeous bouquets of beautiful, unpretentious, autumn flowers.
In Hungary, they are a symbol of autumn and their name means autumn rose, and the Greek "Astra" is simply "star". Indeed, with its autumn colors they paint and create a feast for the eyes and soul.

Legend has it that she was raised by Michaelmas daisy Dust fell from a star. And if the night quietly in the garden pritaish to these colored beauties, maybe they will hear his whisper, talk with your sister - stars. Beautiful legend is born in Europe, without the participation of astronomers, though the flower has come to us from the East.
Paris astronomer Henri-Alexandre-Gabriel Cassini in his youth studied the science of celestial bodies, and the rest of his life devoted to botany dealing with the family of composite. In 1826 he separated from family Astry (Asteraceae) a new genus Callistephus chinensis, which translated from Greek means "beautiful wreath.

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genus callistephus   callistephus chinensis   colored beauties   daisy bush   whisper talk   
Category: Perennial herbaceous plants

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genus callistephus   callistephus chinensis   colored beauties   daisy bush   whisper talk   

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