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Solidago rugosa

Category: Perennial herbaceous plants

22 Aug : 09:59

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Guldenroede-(Solidago.jpg Solidago_hyb_Baby_Gold_sized.jpg Solidago_virgaurea2.jpg Solidago_canadensis1.jpg

solidagob.jpgOf flowering from July to September. Lantsetni has evergreen leaves and bristly stems and leaves. Reaches about 1 meter in height.
The colors are tart flavor.
Native to North America.

People called him "the rod of St. Peter's. This medicinal plant is found in forest edge, ditches, slopes and degraded forest areas. Kichestoto covered with golden-yellow colored stars, stem reaches a height of about 80 cm Colors are collected from July to October. Be used in intestinal diseases and intestinal bleeding. Excellent as a therapeutic agent is recommended, however enchetsat primarily in kidney disease.

Many many years atraktiven shrub, forming clusters of golden-yellow colors of dense panicle.

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white dead nettle   artificial kidneys   kidney pains   mental shock   angel of healing   
Category: Perennial herbaceous plants

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white dead nettle   artificial kidneys   kidney pains   mental shock   angel of healing   

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