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Category: Decorative flowering

04 Sep : 18:19

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175806139wXFnYx_fs.jpg MiltoniaJune.jpg miltoniasecondlove.jpg miltonia_2.jpg miltonia_g.jpg Miltonia_Meadowdale__Pink_Panther_.JPG Miltonia_spectabilis_v_moreliana.jpg milt_mbaker.jpg OrchidColmanaraWildcatPerfumeLily.jpg rgh1191185561f.jpg 01.jpg

miltoniq.jpg Home of this beautiful flower miltoniyata Braziliya.Tya is moderately fast growing, under appropriate conditions, moderate sunshine, fresh air and air ezhednemno pulvelizirane neya.Iziskva about daily watering and feeding with a high phosphorous fertilizer content in summer and autumn to promote flowering and zayaknat new shoots before the onset of zimata.Podhodyashti ready for orhidei.Razmnozhava subtrati soil is by dividing the plant.

For many years, producers of orchids miltonii just cold-called or so-called Colombian varieties. Other species, originating mainly from Brazil were ignored. Now this injustice is fine. According to recent classifications, all types so far as we knew miltonii be reclassified in genus Miltoniopsis only Brazilian species have the right and privilege to call miltonii.

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miltonia   miltoniopsis   candida   
Category: Decorative flowering

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miltonia   miltoniopsis   candida   

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