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Category: Decorative flowering

16 Sep : 11:11

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hibiscus_tiliaceus9.jpg 104152.jpg apricot_color_hibiscus-dsc00241.jpg Hibiscus-SulphurButterfly1.jpg hibiscus.jpg Hibiscus_coccineus__Scarlet_Rosemallow__Texas_Star_Hibiscus.jpg hibiscus_Goree_preview.JPG Pink_Hibiscus.jpg

hibiscus.jpgHibiscus (Latin Hibiscus) is a genus of about 200 species, some of the family Malvaceae (Latin Malvaceae). The most common species of this genus are Chinese and Sudanese Rose. Most plants come from Asia, but some grow in Africa and in the wild. In India the white hibiscus is used as a therapeutic agent, in the Central African countries for the production of juices. Rose e Syrian national flower of South Korea and China rose - a rose Malayziya.Kitayskata bloom almost all year and reaches 1 - 2 meters at home usloviya.Zhivee more than 20 years.

This is the Rose of the tropics. It flowers almost all year and reaches 1 - 2 meters at home. Live more than 20 years.

Hibiscus is a great example ROOM plant, ideal for sunny windowsill.

Its large, papery flowers, generally last only a day - or two, but with more care can flourish from spring to autumn.

Bushes of hibiscus can live more than 20 years.

Optionally can be maintained with the size of a standard room flower.
If you want to maintain their bushy form, cut stems in late winter.

Hibiscus has many varieties, which bloom in white, yellow, orange, pink or red.

With bright colors hibiscus enjoys great popularity. Exotic flowers of hibiscus called "flower of love" and "flower of the wonderful women" - they are a symbol of Haiti and in India are intertwined in a wedding wreaths.
At the beginning of XVIII century hibiscus was transferred from China and decorate the botanical gardens in Europe, attracting admiring glances with their heavy blooms. There are also claims, however, as the hibiscus which also met during the XVI century in Italy.

Hibiscus (Hibiscus) is a numerous genus of the family Malvaceae (Malvaceae), numbering about 300 species distributed mainly in tropical regions of Southeast Asia. These are the grasses, deciduous and evergreen shrubs or trees with a height of 3 m.

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national flower of south korea   central african countries   family malvaceae   evergreen shrubs   exotic flowers   
Category: Decorative flowering

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national flower of south korea   central african countries   family malvaceae   evergreen shrubs   exotic flowers   

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