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Category: Orchids and Bromelievi

03 Nov : 10:16

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006299346-big.jpg 1.JPG dendrobium-phalaenopsis.jpg Den__phalaenopsis_alba.jpg orchidee_phalaenopsis_rot_1.jpg phalaenopsis-orchid.jpg PhalaenopsisOrchid.jpg Phalaenopsis_NOID_#3_Birthday_Plant.jpg yellow-phalaenopsis-orchid-dsc00935.jpg

phalaenopsis_pink2.jpgRepresentatives of Phalaenopsis not spray fragrance, but like love butterflies-their name derives from the Greek coincidence phalaina. Colors are tightly and spread \ "wings \" one after another on the stem to a height of 60 cm at razrostranenata coloration is white with yellow spots or rozovenikavi but allows hybridization can order bands.

One of the most common orchids growing in the home. There is a short stem with several dark green leaves arranged in Leatherback jack. Blossoms with one or two flower stems, which are located on the colors. The most common are pink and white tsiftyashtite species, but there are also a yellow, orange, red and violet.

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rotten soil   mellow water   high humidity   name derives from   orange red   
Category: Orchids and Bromelievi

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rotten soil   mellow water   high humidity   name derives from   orange red   

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