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Strelitzia reginae

Category: Decorative flowering

13 Dec : 20:56

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strelitzia.jpgStrelitsiyata successfully grow and flourish in the Mediterranean.
Represents bezsteblen shrub that reaches a height of 1 - 2 meters.
Colors have a unique shape and are in blue and orange. They go straight from the base of the plant leaf in the shape of a boat with red.
Stems are in the form of vetlo, oblong.
In translation from German, the name of the plant is a "bird of paradise", because of the color that resembles the avian head.

Ideal soil mixture of humus, sand and clay. If the soil is not rich enough, put a little fertilizer in the hole before putting the plant.
Fertilizing regularly during the growing each month, but when looking strelitsiyata home - every two weeks.
If your goal are great colors - Select sunny location where the leaves do you like more - it planted in the shade.
After the flowering period (February - August), replanted in containers with good drainage.
Wrap it before you have started major frosts as the optimum temperature is 10 degrees in winter.
Frequent pest aphids.

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royal botanic garden   soil mixture   vibrant plants   thick roots   pest aphids   
Category: Decorative flowering

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royal botanic garden   soil mixture   vibrant plants   thick roots   pest aphids   

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