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Category: Decorative flowering

23 Dec : 12:09

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freesia.jpgSouth African Princess fragrant, freesia, began to blossom in February in various colors fuse to prevail white, yellow, orange, violet, pink and red. It has come down from the high plateaus of Cape Town, South Africa and really is a flower that is not worthy of any head Krassy young princess. Wall is extremely exquisite, incredibly aromatic and kichesta. Carries the message of youth, freshness, freedom, and along with that of elegance, sophistication and gentility.

Their scent, both gentle and strong, makes them very popular quickly, though only in the late nineteenth century (1880) were transferred from South Africa into Europe.
Bear the name of a German botanist and physician Friedrich Heinrich Theodor Freese (1795-1876). They say that flowers are a favorite of Helena Roerich, which linked the scent of their presence with the divine in the earthly life. Unlike most other flowers, most whites do not smell cutters, a pink and red.

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Category: Decorative flowering

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heinrich theodor   freese   freesia   friedrich   

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