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Adiantum capillus-veneris

Category: Fern

21 May : 15:11

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343_4399.jpg Adiantum_capillus-veneris_fronds.jpg Adiantum_capillus.jpg Adiantum_capillus1.jpg Adiantum_capillus4.JPG Adiantum_capillus_veneris(LR).jpg capillus-veneris-1a.jpg Adiantum_capillus2.jpg

adiantum_capillus.jpgDepartment fern - Pteridophyta
Class Polypodiopsida
Order Schizaeales
Family Adiantaceae - Adiantovi
Subfamily Adiantoideae
Genus Adiantum

Adiantum-one of the most loved ferns with over 200 species, some of which are studoustychivi and grow a pet is the type otkrito.Vseobsht kapilus-veneris called our lady Bogorodichen kosam.Ima or creeping stems, which go from fine cirrus sheets on soft black drazhki.Vsichki aboveground parts are coated with wax nalip invisible and thus they do not hold voda.Ottuk and name of the plant as adiantum nenamokryaem means.

Adiantumite do not like bright sunlight. Polusyankata prefer. These ferns do not tolerate frost and severe cold winds. I felt bad in the dusty, saturated with cigarette smoke rooms. The optimum temperature for adiantumite is 15 ° C-20 ° C. If it is warmer, their leaves become pale, gleamed yellow, dry and brittle.

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soil mixture   liquid fertilizer   indirect sunlight   smoke rooms   forest soil   
Category: Fern

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soil mixture   liquid fertilizer   indirect sunlight   smoke rooms   forest soil   

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