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Category: Decorative flowering

08 Jul : 18:16

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tropaeolum1.jpgNasturtium - Tropaeolum has about 50 species, their origin is from South and Central America. Latin name of the flower is associated with "trophae" - a small trophy for shlemovidnata color and shape of the thyroid sheet.

It is hard to find without a garden nasturtium. Except in the gardens, nasturtium is a lovely balcony. For all its homeliness probably have heard, but that this nasturtium attend the table, maybe not everyone knows.

Gardeners know that a few nasturtium root can belokrilkite expelled from the greenhouse. A cabbage moths prefer to lay their eggs on nasturtium precisely, thus the cabbage remains intact. All parts of the nasturtium, except the roots are used in cooking. Young leaves are placed in different salads to impart taste and aroma. Blooms and unripe seeds are used as a spicy ingredient to flavor vinegar. There are less and recipes in which nasturtium is recommended to treat Avitaminosis, anemia, kidney disease and hair loss.

With the climbing varieties can decorate any vertical objects are superb for polusteleshtite sandacheta window and lower face and make great beds and borders.

Most species are perennial, but this country is grown as an annual plant, because not zimoustoychivi nasturtium. Nasturtium prefers moderately fertile and moist soils

In some countries, nasturtium is considered a symbol of patriotism and patriotism.

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garden nasturtium   beds and borders   long spur   incorrect colors   great beds   
Category: Decorative flowering

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garden nasturtium   beds and borders   long spur   incorrect colors   great beds   

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