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Tagetes (part I)

Category: Seasonal herbaceous plants

25 Jul : 09:04

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tagetes1.jpgTagetes, fundo, or Turta TAGETES

In honor of the hero of Greek mythology, the grandson of the god Jupiter - Tagesa (Tages), known for its beauty and ability to predict the future.
Tagetes comes from America where it grows wild from New Mexico and Arizona to Argentina. More than 30 species of annual and perennial, herbaceous plants. The stems are standing, durable, compact form, or shrub, from 20 to 120 cm high, with particularly sharp odor. Leaves, Perez-slashed shares are different and jagged cut, rare targets, colors vary from light to dark green, arranged opposite or regularly. Each branch ends with a truss. Clusters - baskets, very bright, yellow, orange, golden yellow, red, brown or russet, one-line or assembled into a complex flower. Izdutata petals and hollow shaft is one of the characteristics of Tagetes. Blooms abundantly from June until frost. Fruit - seeds. Retain their seed germination in 3-4 years. Self-sown up.

In ornamental flowers usually use many kinds of hybrids. One of the main characteristics of the species Tagetes is the structure of flowering. There karamfilopodobni (mainly flowers Reed) and hrizantemopodobni (mainly from large-flowered trabesti) decoration, and just polukichesti-colored.

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seedling nurseries   god jupiter   trabesti   seed germination   hollow shaft   
Category: Seasonal herbaceous plants

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seedling nurseries   god jupiter   trabesti   seed germination   hollow shaft   

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