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Category: Orchids and Bromelievi

12 Sep : 13:11

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neoregelia9.jpgFamily (genus): Pineapple - Bromelii (Bromeliaceae)

Crowded families Bromelievi has many hot fans. For those who wish to enrich their collection neoregeliyata (neoregelia) e find.

The genus comes from marshy tropical forests of Brazil and includes about 60 species, all with great ornamental qualities. Most species are modest and are easily adapted to dry air in homes.

The genus was described in 1846 and was named director of the Botanical Garden in St. Petersburg reggae F. L. (1815 - 1892).
More than 40 species are grown as indoor plants in greenhouses. Neoregeliyata leaves form a dense rosette.

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neoregelia carolinae   bromeliaceae   
Category: Orchids and Bromelievi

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neoregelia carolinae   bromeliaceae   

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