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15 Sep : 09:26

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In December comes the winter - and the astronomical and METEROLOGICAL. Invade cold air masses, but for most of the country's daily average temperatures observed in the course of many years are positive. Sometimes it is not so cold and completely paralyzes the ground, but it happens to December and is more heated than usual. One thing is constant - its short days, the shortest of the year when you need to fulfill important obligations garden. Is not normal to stay for next year.

In the yard flower garden is to complete unfinished work was the treatment of soil with appropriate fertilization, was cleaning the fallen noise and other plant residues, roots and any pruning of shrubs in order to withstand the snow. It is especially important on grass areas will be windfalls leaves under snow cover because they turn into crust, which misses the air and the grass can choke. Should be taken against frost prone to cold perennial flowers. A suitable for outdoor days, especially during the first half of the month, worth to be used for the planting of ornamental trees and shrubs.

In the vegetable garden should be finished processing the soil after late harvested vegetables - cabbage, carrots, leeks, turnips, etc.. Under favorable conditions may continue predzimnoto sowing of carrots, parsley, lettuces and some other vegetables. Unfavorable for outdoor days should be used for repair of horticultural equipment. Now becomes essential preparation for sowing seed pepper and tomatoes and those who intend to make them raise themselves, must obtain the seed of suitable varieties to prepare greenhouses.

In the fruit garden, if not done for any reason the first winter spraying is better now take place in order for this favorable days, than to miss. Continued cleaning of the trees withered branches and mummified fruit ostargva cracked crust is old, clean and arrange the tools and equipment. We should not forget that every good day of December can be used for planting fruit trees - enough is the air temperature is above 5.6 degrees, and soil is not frozen and very wet.

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cold air masses   favorable days   trees and shrubs   grass areas   suitable varieties   
Category: Flowers and Gardens through the seasons

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cold air masses   favorable days   trees and shrubs   grass areas   suitable varieties   

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