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Stapelia orbea

Category: Cacti

15 Sep : 14:00

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stapelia_orbea3.jpgFamily: Asclepiadaceae.
Rodina: Eastern, Southern and South-West Africa.

Roda shipway (Stapelia) includes 75 to 100 species of plants in the family Asclepiadaceae. Rasprostranena in South and South-West Africa, some of the species - in East Africa.

All plants are perennial niskorastyashti sukulenti. Stems are fleshy, 4-wall, often forming new shoots at the base, Rhyniophyta. Colors are usually located at the base of the stalk, rarely at the top, one or several long-flowering, with poor color, downy. Cup is tapered by 5 petals. Crown is round or wide kambankoviden with petals, slashed by half their length, with more or less triangular shape, tapered at the top. Fleshy petals are colored, bristly or naked. Cap is fleshy ring. Outer crown is 5 free to base, rectangular or lantsetni petals, flat or concave shape, the crown of petals around the pistil dip, they may be short, simple or slashed.

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asclepiadaceae   stapelia   
Category: Cacti

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asclepiadaceae   stapelia   

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