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Life force of flowers and feng shui

Category: Flowers and Women

10 Oct : 13:43

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fsh.jpgIn a confined space is preferable to the vertical (Zonal) landscaping. The bigger the room is, the greater must be the plants and more to their number. Tiny plant would be "lost" in a large space.

Modern minimalism requires careful selection of plants. However, flowers with large leaves look good in rooms with little furniture, hall or living room. This example is dratsena, filodendron, rubber plant. For small rooms suitable medium or small flowers with broad leaves and delicate.

Important in choosing the flowers are the colors of the interior. In one color pastel or black and white tones look very well spotted dekorativnolistni plants.

The style of furniture is also important in the election.

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azalea rhododendron   preferred plants   acute angles   flowering bushes   vibrant flowers   
Category: Flowers and Women

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azalea rhododendron   preferred plants   acute angles   flowering bushes   vibrant flowers   

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