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Category: Decorative flowering

24 Jul : 09:13

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Bugenviliite belong to the family and serve vechernikovite surprise: what most people think of bright colorful flowers, not just colors and bright leaves, which conceal nondescript cream colors.
Homeland of South American bugenviliyata are high plateaus, where the French Admiral Louis Antoine de Bougainville (1729-1811) discovered this and it moved the plant in Europe.
In nature bugenvileyata a liana, shrub or even a tree. Its fresh leaves are green with almond-shaped egg. The colors are yellow-white, small, nondescript. They are surrounded by brightly colored bracts, up to 6 cm long bracts It add beauty and irresistible charm bugenvileyata.
Its leaves are light green with almond-shaped egg. Small cream flowers are wrapped in large, very thin, high-colored leaves. They are orange, karminenocherveno, pink, cream and white. Flowers in May and June.

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louis antoine de bougainville   french admiral   spontaneous changes   colorful flowers   sanderiana   
Category: Decorative flowering

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louis antoine de bougainville   french admiral   spontaneous changes   colorful flowers   sanderiana   

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