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Category: Bulbs and tubers

25 Jul : 10:53

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gloriosa-superba.jpgVariants: Gloriosa superba, carsonii, simplex and verschuurii. Gloriosa superba commercially exploited species, the most common are his selections:
Gloriosa Rothschildiana (red)
Gloriosa Lutea (yellow)
Originally from tropical Africa, glorioza is national flower of Zimbabwe.
Gloriosa Rothschildiana Name comes from Latin and means honor, glory. This beautiful and exotic flower is krastenona Baron ZW Rothschild, a specialist in birds, which bought the flower from Africa and it showed at the exhibition of British horticultural society in the early centuries.
The color is composed of six petals delicately curved, curled at the edges and stained to cherry red, shading to yellow.

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gloriosa rothschildiana   gloriosa superba   lutea   rothschild   
Category: Bulbs and tubers

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gloriosa rothschildiana   gloriosa superba   lutea   rothschild   

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