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30 Jul : 11:53

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lithops.jpgPlant is the homeland of South Africa. Most of them are members of extensive family Aizoonovi (Aizoacea) and there were about 123 such "bezstableni sukulenti. In fact, they have tiny trunk, hidden strong pair of 1-5 sheets thick. Vlagozapasyavashta out leaves, photosynthesizing, camouflage sun and function. The upper part is they have one or more "windows" through which sunlight penetrates to the underlying inside photosynthesizing cells. In their homelands living stones are housed around a large stone or rock ledges where water is formed at night condensate. Their form is cylindrical or globe, when it evaporates at least moisture. Like most sukulenti, and the living stones are large central root that penetrates deep into the soil. Special color these plants during a bloom - their relatively large flowers are most often dyed in yellow or pink in all its shades.

From this succulent plant found more than 80 species. Plants are especially interesting with its beautiful surface. Pattern of this surface is different depending on the species. Accustomed to the land plants are kept from drying out by contract. Balls cells really look like pebbles, but look closely connate to open two in length, thick and fleshy leaves, cut in the middle. Their upper part is transparent and absorb light is unhindered. During the summer months appear white and yellow flowers that resemble daisies.

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rock ledges   tiny trunk   land plants   climate zone   living stones   
Category: Cacti

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rock ledges   tiny trunk   land plants   climate zone   living stones   

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